Consulting for Multinational &
International Corporations

Corporate Philanthropy Strategies

Corporations and their foundations can be powerful forces for good because they have strategic missions and excellent organizational skills. However they often fall short of their best impact when it comes to giving. Maybe they don’t know where their gift will have the most powerful or visible impact. Maybe they don’t know how to find the up and coming winners in the world of community service.

Haig et al. knows how corporations work. But we also know the not-for-profit world like the back of our hand. With on the ground experience and formal education in not-for-profit management, Haig et al. Chief Operating Office Siera Loar, MPA, has worked with government and non-government organizations including her work as executive director of the International Rehabilitation Forum, a global not-for-profit. She knows the workings of not-for-profits and can help avoid the pitfalls in local and global giving strategies.

If your organization is trying to find out how to build its philanthropic strategies, contact Serra Loar at Haig et al.