Payor and Healthcare System Integration

Haig et al. has the independent credibility and experience to work with insurers and healthcare systems to find win-win projects. Examples include:

Design of programs to optimize efficiency needed for ‘episode of care’ payment structures
Haig et al., Consulting has helped a number of healthcare systems build their network for joint replacement from pre-hab through surgery, inpatient, post-acute, home health and outpatient therapies.

Integration of sustainable telemedicine and tele rehabilitation into treatment programs
As the first physician telemedicine director for the University of Michigan’s 2000 physician practice, Andrew Haig worked with all specialties and many vendors to build innovative and sustainable telemedicine business plans. [Haig AJ: Telerehabilitation. In Richter EF III Editor, Medical Aspects of Disability 4th edition. Springer Publishing Company, New York. 2011.]

Execution of programs that streamline care through insurer-required screening and insurer approval
Our work on projects that prepare healthcare systems to respond to new payor challenges has saved millions of dollars. [Fox J, Haig AJ, Todey B, Challa S. The effect of required physiatrist consultation on surgery rates for back pain. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2013 Feb 1;38(3):E178-84.

Insertion of clinical innovation in negotiations between healthcare systems and payers, resulting in a win-win situation
We excel in moving beyond the accountants to change the clinical programs. [Haig AJ, Theisen M, Geisser ME, Michel B, Yamakawa K: Team decision making for spine team assessment: standardizing the multidisciplinary assessment for chronic back pain. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 81:1281, 2000. Haig AJ, Geisser ME, Theisen M, Michel B, Yamakawa K: The spine team assessment: physical and psychosocial performance of 429 adults with chronic low back pain disability. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 81:1281, 2000.]

Optimizing care of injured workers in systems where workers compensation and private insurance seem to clash
Haig started the occupational medicine program for Wisconsin’s ThedaCare, co-led the $5 million Michigan Rehabilitation Engineering Center for Ergonomics and designed Ford Motor Company's online physician education modules. [Haig AJ, Linton P, McIntosh M, Moneta L, Mead P: Aggressive early medical management by a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation: effect on lost time due to injuries in hospital employees. J Occup Med 32(3):241-244, 1990.