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Improved quality and controlled cost are the holy grail of spine management. Primary care clinics want rapid effective triage, insurers want decreased imaging and surgery, employers want workers to stay at work, and the people with pain just want some answers. Boring and straightforward efforts have gone up in flames. Humor and engagement might just work.

Based on extensive evidence-based research, BackQuack™ allows people to try their best to do their worst as doctors treating 2-dimensional patients. The consumer game begins with some seriously useful tools for people who do have a backache, then degenerates into a wacky game of diagnosis and treatment in which the goal is to be the worst possible doctor. Doctors play the game, too. They learn how to confuse and scare patients by trying to be the worst doctor they can be, by learning in the negative they also learn how to be a doctor who doesn't confuse or scare patients.  And if they get stuck or want more information there is a 400 page on-line back pain text book they can check out.

Where can you use BackQuack™?

Clinics and employers can use the front end as a triage tool. Persons with back complaints are directed to BackQuack where they fill out the clinic history form and send it to a Haig et al., nurse who helps them decide what to do next.

Capitated health care systems can use BackQuack™ as a tool to improve physician and patient knowledge that decreases unnecessary imaging and surgery.

Insurers and community health organizations can build a whole campaign over BackQuack™, making it fun for the public to get good at taking care of themselves.

Make it Work for You

You can build a community campaign, physician education blitz, or on-line triage system with BackQuack™. Contact Haig et al. to find out more.

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Disclaimer:  By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I am not a two dimensional cartoon character.  So even though BackQuack might give me useful information, I know that it's no substitute for a real 3 dimensional professional. If I have any questions about my health I’ll go get real help.

BackQuack runs on Flash 10.0 - you can Download Flash here if you don’t have it.
If you can’t download flash 10.0 (perhaps you don’t have permission), contact your system administrator to ask them to download flash, or go play it at home where the boss isn’t looking over your shoulder.