Primary Care Patient Triage System for Clinics, Employers or Insurers

About BackQuack

We'd love to teach BackQuack to your community or employees. Clinics and insurance companies can use BackQuack as a screening, triage, and management tool. Contact haig et al.for more information.

BackQuack was commissioned by the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation, a not-for-profit organization sponsored by the University of Michigan and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.  It was designed by a team from Haig et al., Consulting and the University of Michigan’s 3-D computer lab.

Principle designers were Andrew J. Haig, M.D., Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Michigan, Eric Maslowski, M.S., Director of the UM 3-D Computing Laboratory, and Sierra Loar, MPA, of Haig et al..  

The developers from the UM  3-D computing lab include:

From Haig et al.

Soon there will be a BackQuack Book with bad doctor stories and dumb patient stories!  Meantime, check out our medical textbook.  Low Back Pain, edited by Andrew J. Haig and Miles O. Colwell

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BackQuack is part of a whole-community media campaign including media kits, pamphlets, community and physician education events.  Contact Haig et al. to bring BackQuack to your community.

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