Quick Program - On Site and Telemedicine Team Assessments for Chronic Disease and Disability

Patients living in the real world with major disability have complex needs that are best unraveled by a team. By building an efficient triage team, hospitals and clinics can effectively serve their local population and reach out to consumers who are typically felt to be too far away for effective rehabilitation.

The award-winning Quick Program is the first independent multidisciplinary team assessment ever to be subjected to a randomized trial. It involves specialized patient questionnaires, semi-codified assessments by expert therapists, a creative team meeting process, and the kind of report that patients want to use as a roadmap for years. We’ve shown that Quick patients had better function, improved quality of life and better customer satisfaction than patients treated by expert Physiatrists.

Quick is for smaller or medium sized rehabilitation facilities that want specialized assessment but don’t have the volume to build a half-dozen special protocols. It’s been used by major centers as an intake process for community dwelling patients and as an entre into a community-based telerehabilitation program. We’ve even used Quick as the framework for rehabilitation in rural Uganda.

Haig et. al can teach your team the transdisciplinary way of thinking that makes Quick succeed. We can provide the forms and processes that make it easy to build your own Quick program. Contact Haig et al. to find out more.


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