UPPER Assessment - Complex Management for Hand and Arm Problems

The UPPER Assessment makes life easier for hand surgeons, physiatrists, therapists, and industrial medicine specialists who struggle with complex upper limb disability ranging from chronic pain to deformity. Instead of trying to address the problem piecemeal, clinicians can get the big picture fast, and direct care in a way that makes sense to the patient, referral sources, and payors.

This 1/2 day assessment protocol involves physical therapy, occupational therapy, pain psychology and exercise physiology followed by a creative yet codified team meeting and highly popular reporting format. In research funded by the National Institutes of Disability and Rehabilitation Research, we’ve shown that the UPPER assessment finds a way forward in the most complex of cases.

The UPPER assessment can turn a clinic into a tertiary care rehabilitation program for upper limb disorders. Contact Haig et al. to find out more.


Tong HC, Haig AJ, Theisen ME, Smith C, Miller Q: Multidisciplinary team evaluation of upper extremity injuries in a single visit: the UPPER Program. Occupational Med 51(4):278-86, 2001.